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Making an effort

Sat Sep 20, 2014, 9:26 PM by shelldevil:iconshelldevil:


Good morning everyone!

Wow it has been a while. First of I want to apologise for my absence. Unfortunately life happens. Combine that with being burnt out and you get a mia Shelle. After 10 years here I think I just needed to step away. I am pleased to say that I will be about more regularly, and this group is where my focus will be.

I am also adding a new clause to the rules. Unfortunately a LOT of submissions coming in are breaking the rules. Currently this takes time to reject and reply. Effective immediately, if your submission does not meet the very clear rules we have, then they will be rejected without explanation. I can promise you that the reason WILL be one of the rules, so just check and you'll see why. This should make easing back in a lot easier for me, and a lot better time wise. I'd like to start immersing myself in all things stock again. Browse some galleries, check out new work, catch up on long term stockers and just see what's out and about.

Thankyou to everyone that hung in there, and a massive thanks to redwolf518stock who has been amazing at keeping the submissions flowing while I was finding myself. :love:

Lets see this page lifted and happy and a real hub again. I'll even be spending some time in our chatroom throughout the evenings so feel free to come see if Im about…

Here are a few new today stock's that I just love!

Pacific Northwest Stock 256 by new-horizon-stock Palace with stairs by Simbores Rainshowers by GraySho Sad wet dog - Hector by Seiden-Stocks Bay morgan trot side view by equustock Toco Toucan Stock by Oniendra

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IdunaHaya-Stock Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Is anyone still accepting art here?
shelldevil Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014
We are, it is just a bit sporadic as we move in different life directions :) I'm hopeful things will pick up a little soon.
4LadyLilian Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014
Easter Flowers By Kmygraphic-d7cq4m3 by 4LadyLilian  Happy Easter By Kmygraphic-d7eo6aa by 4LadyLilian
TheGhostSiren Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Is this group still alive? :(
shelldevil Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
It is :) I've been about, just super busy with my kids and school stuff. 
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